By Gods Will
Poetry by Wally


A few years ago, I proceeded to join a church,

Just out of no where, on a lurch.


 The church is in Elk Grove Village, Illinois,

Where I raised four kids who were not coy.


The Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit is the reference,

This was my choice and my preference.


I was confirmed at the church over three years ago,

By the good Pastor Stein, and boy was I aglow.


My spirits were lifted to the summit with joy,

I was as happy and content as a boy with a toy.


I also have to mention the congregation,

Who are more good people I have met in my generation.


With such good names as Herb, George, Ben and Al and others to numerous to mention,

Women are not excluded; they call for my fullest attention.


All in all, the church lifts our spirits to the high place,

It keeps our souls from becoming a disgrace.


Thanking God for our blessings and good health,

This is more significant than all the wealth.


To worship is good for the Soul,

To be near God should be your goal.


May your life of worship be a long one,

Pray to God that nothing will be undone.


 God bless all you good people,

Keep your head high when you look up at the church steeple.



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