A Devout Lutheran
Poetry by Wally


Judy has been with our church for eight years,

She has decided to leave the Elk Grove Lutheran Church of the Holy Spirit; Leaving the congregation in tears.


She has been a source of inspiration for all of us,

Her deep devotion to church and God is not a muss.


She is a good deaconess in every way,

Did her job as best she could; day by day.


She was ingenuous when giving a sermon and she scored,

Her delivery was concise, easily understood and
brought us closer to the lord.


Helping families is her distinguishable forte,

Whom she helped a lot in her day.


She taught us to come closer and to believe in the lord,

Never to be distraught or bored.


Now she will undertake a new venture,

The congregation being sad about her departure.


Judy, you will be in our hearts forever,
May you have a lot of success in your new endeavor.

God be with you, Judy



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