Fathers Day
Poetry by Wally


Fathers Day is in a beautiful month of the year,

The warmth of June is an ideal time to cheer.`

Fathers are very important toward the family care,

His working abilities earns money to buy food to spare.

He also takes the kids to church, ball games, parties and shows,

Teaches them about life and to be pragmatic and on their toes.

The most exciting experience is to teach the kids to drive,

To learn the correct way to stay alive.

Itís hard to be without a father, theyíre so important,

Love him, obey him, idolize him, donít be militant.


He pays the bills for a good education and career for you,

Praise him, thank him, worship him, thatís your cue.

Give him a nice gift and take him out to dinner,

Iím sure he will appreciate it and make you a winner.

When Fathers Day rolls around but once a year remember to love,
honor and obey to the highest esteem,

The only father you will have and to think how keen!



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