A Glorious Year
Poetry by Wally


Pastor Tim, you joined our church a year ago,

Ever since then you have been on the go.

Your sermons have been such a delight,

Easy to understand and so very bright.

The congregation seems to have gotten closer to God,

With your ingenuous way of preaching, you deserve a nod.

You are also so congenial with the children,

They look up to you like a mandarin.

Itís obvious you are a monotheist,

devoted to God and a pianist.

As you preach and teach into the future,

Iím sure we will learn a multitude of biblical scripture.

We hope that you will be with us a long time,

Your teaching and dexterity are in its prime.

As we venture into the future,

we will learn more about God and culture.

We thank you for your teachings in the past,

Pastor Tim, we hope you will be with us to the last.




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