Life at the Shelia Ray Senior Center
Poetry by Wally


I joined the Sheila Ray Senior Center a few years ago,

when I entered the building, I was aglow.


To find the place of massive size,

a very, very, pleasant surprise.


I signed a paper, and paid my dues,

five dollars for life, was good news.


I got involved playing pool with Ken Brauer,

we enjoyed the game, and nothing ever went sour.


He was my neighbor and a good friend,

we were good pals, to the end.


For you see, he was 75 when he died,

less than 2 years ago, when everyone cried.


We will always remember Ken Brauer,

every time we shoot a ball, hour after hour.


More and more people have engaged in shooting pool,

for you see, itís a very interesting game and itís cool.


Oh, there are other activities to indulge in,

like playing, cards, ping pong, etc., and you could win.


Itís a place to relax, and have fun,

and, another good reason, you get out of the sun.


Our director is a great gal, named Marge Hart,

believe me and the otherís will say, she has a great heart.




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