A Blessed Mothers Day
Poetry by Wally


Mothers deserve more than a Motherís Day.

They deserve a Motherís Day every day, per se

They drive the kids to church, games and to school

Itís essential; the kids want their mothers to be cool.

Mothers do a lot more, they clean and cook

They wash clothes, sew, iron and things that are not in the book

They have to be athletic, have stamina and be stern,

They are blessed by God to be of great concern

Love plays a great part in family affairs,

Mothers keep families together with their prayers

So give mothers the love they deserve at best,

At the pace they render, give them a chance to rest

Her veracity and veracious ability are to be praised,

Your family should reward her highest esteem for being ablazed

Remember her on Motherís Day for the grand woman she is,

For you know very well that woman is a whiz!



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