My Children
Poetry by Wally


   My wife an I were married in 1948,

We had four children and we think theyíre first rate.

 We raised them to the best of our ability,

So that they could be healthy and have agility.

They went to school and their grades were good,

As they progressed, they matured as they should.


We could not afford to send them to college,

So they worked for the money to get their knowledge.


They had odd jobs, they worked as cooks,

And put their noses to the grindstone to buy their books.


They went through colleges,universities and such,

Coming through with fairly good grades in the clutch.


On they went through job after job,

Until they found their niche, like a cob.


Theyíre all doing well now, in their later years,

Iím standing up to contribute three cheers.


I donít mean theyíre old; thirties and fortyís which is still young,

They have a long life ahead to reach the top rung.


All I can say is, that Iím proud of them all,

So you see itís a proud father who stands tall.


I wish them continued success in their way of life and health,

And may they someday accrue plenty of wealth.


Oh, their names are Jim, John, Jeff and Joanne,

The last line rhymes with my motherís name, Ann.




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