My Senior Life
Poetry by Wally


As I am alone and growing older,

I seem to be becoming much bolder.


 With being a lot more secure,

and having a little more allure.


 My health is good and my wealth is not,

I don't smoke and I never use pot.


 I'm free to do whatever I wish,

I get into my car and I'm off with a swish.


 I go shopping, or bowling or get things done,

and have a great time and a lot of fun.


 I read the paper and get all the news,

then turn around and check the reviews.


 I love to watch mysteries on TV,

Columbo is my favorite, I always like to see.


 I also like to clean and dust my house,

as I'm alone and don't have a spouse.


 Oh, I don't mind and love to putter,

I love to maintain my house or it will be in the gutter.


 I'm having a lot of fun,

and always on the run.


I'm praying it will last

and forgetting a lot of the past.


Of course I can't forget the good times we've had,

There were a lot of those I'm glad.


So I'm content and hope to be happy,

For as long as I can, and also stay snappy


In my senior years,

without the old tears.



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