Our Good Pastor
Poetry by Wally


Pastor Gotsch has been with our church over three years,

It has been a delight to have him and it calls for cheers.


He has been so ingenuous expressing his sermons to our satisfaction,

Leaving the congregation with a loving reaction.


The pastor has been trying to retire,

But it seems a suitable replacement is hard to acquire.


So as the congregation would like to see him stay,

He has the right to say Yea or Nay.


We would be happy to have him continue his sermons in an inspired way,

Until we can find a pastor who can continue the way we pray.


We have to thank the good Pastor Gotch, indeed,

For his kindness to the congregation and the church in need.


So when the pastor has the chance to retire in the future to which he is enticed,

Let God go with him and protect him on the name of Jesus Christ.




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