Pastor's Anniversary
Poetry by Wally


Pastor Stein came to head our church 10 years ago,

when economically it was not aglow.

His ingeniousness, prowess and endurance,

had a great deal to do with its assurance.


With the help of congenial, congruous peoples assistance,

the church had no monetary resistance.

The congregation began to return to church services,

thereby increasing revenues and not being blasphemous.

Resulting in much needed repairs and maintenance,

therefore putting the church back on its feet for reverence.


Maintenance being one important factor to consider,

without it, the church could wither.


Another important aspect being the mood of the congregation,

which is largely due to the Pastors guidance and. interpretation.


We also need to add an implement shed,

which is now being built on a solid bed.


Another monumental project is a stage in Fellowship Hall,

to be built for enjoying music, plays and all.


Those who assisted in this great undertaking process,

are Jane, Al, Carolyn, Mary, Kathy and Ken who had success.


These are but a few of the good people to give aid,

for at this time the church stands proud with a good grade.


But we're not completely out of the woods at best,

to reach the stature of the church, we can't rest.


For you see, we need support from everyone,

all people who strive and endure under God's sun.



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