Spring Into Spring
Poetry by Wally


Spring is a beautiful time to wait for,

When flowers bloom, the weather warms and more.


The trees start to bud out their leaves too,

There are other plants that bloom such as the rue.


On the other side of the coin we must take time to clean,

Throughout the house, so it shines like a beam.


Painting might be in order to keep it spic and span,

A good paint job will satisfy the best critique by your clan.


OH, the car needs to be cleaned inside and out,

All that winter weather, salt etc, gave it a good bout.


That yard work has to be tackled, too,

You know those weeds are like pulling up glue.


Then raking up excess leaves and other debris,

Your body should be aching, stiff and limp, you see.


It would behoove you to hire a lawn service,

Then you can disband this laborious practice.



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